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Spiritual Stuff...

What are the foundations of the Christian Faith? Have we disconnected from the vine? In late 2010, life events caused me to take a closer look at what the Word REALLY says about how we should live our life if we believe in the Creator and His only begotten Son.  I laid down my "doctrinal glasses" and began to read what was written in the Word, without the spin from what I had been told it meant, to what was simply on the pages.  I encourage everyone who seeks truth to do the same. We have been trained to perceive the written Word through doctrinal perspectives and in so doing have inherited traditions of men that are far from what pleases our Maker. It's time to return to the ancient path, laid by the Ancient of Days.  

These articles are just a few of the things I have discovered along the way.

What is His Name? And What Is His Son's Name if You Know It? 10-19-2011
The Truth About Easter  10-24-2011
The Truth About Christmas  10-24-2011
Law or Grace? 10-25-2011
Sabbath:  Who Changed it to Sunday? 12-04-2011
What's In A Name? 12-05-2-11
The 10 Virgins: Which group are you in? 12-29-2012
Are we "Under" the Law? 1-23-13
WWJD 1-27-2013
Y'shua, the Living, Breathing Torah 1-27-2013
Think You Know the Bible? Betcha Didn't Know This! 2-15-2014
Keeping the Feasts of YHWH - Malachi 3:6, Proverbs 28:9  9-22-2014
Solid Proof From the Word that We are in the Last Days  3-1-2015
The Enigma of the Law  3-25-2015
The Wise Virgins and the Oil 4-27-2015
Deuteronomy Matters  5-20-2015
Acts 10: Can we Now Eat Unclean Animals?  June 18, 2015

Family & Friends Stuff...

I am so thankful for family and friends.  Without them our world would be a dull, sad place indeed.  Over time friends come and go.  Even with divorce and remarriage, sometimes your family changes.  I am happy to say that I am friends with my ex. I am also very blessed to have inherited a wonderful family when I married my husband, Jon.  The love and support that each one shares is amazing and precious.  I love my family with all my heart and thank YHWH (a.k.a. "God") every day for them all.  

It's safe to say, that we all change over time.  Most of us for the better, hopefully.  We learn from mistakes of the past and adjust our course accordingly.  I am deeply grateful that my family is gracious enough to allow that and still love and accept one another through it all.  I strive to live up to the love and forgiveness that has been granted to me at my worst, and try to achieve my best for the sake of others because of it.  What a wonderful gift we have been given through family.  

I Am Not Who I Was, Nor Who I Shall Yet Be 10-24-2011
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