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Where my journey started: 
-Truth or Tradition: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter

-Sunburned, Part 1

- Sunburned, Part 2
How we (the church) got so far off track:
-The Early Church, Part 1

-The Early Church, Part 2

-The Early Church, Part 3

-The Early Church, Part 4

-The Early Church, Part 5

Replacement Theology (the idea that the church replaced Israel as God's chosen people)
-The Origin of Replacement Theology

Identity of the "Lost" 10 Tribes of the House of Israel
-Identiy Crisis 

For Science Geeks (And people like me who like to understand how things came to be)
-Noah: The Truth is Bigger than You Thought (The real story)

Interesting and Sobering thoughts on the End Days:
-The Rapture Puzzle by Renee Moses

In That Day signs in the heavens: 
-Part One: Introduction (Archived)

-Part Two: The Heavenly Wonder Sign of Yom Teruah 2011

- Part Three: Another Wonder Sign: Day of Atonement (Oct. 8/9, 2011)

-Part Four: The Heavenly Signs Expected From Passover Through Shavuot 2012

-Part Five: The Heavenly Sign of Joseph (7th - 18th of July 2012)

-Part Six: The Heavenly Sign of the Breaker (12th Aug. 2012)

-Part Seven: The Sign of the Bride Receiving Her Wedding Garmetns

The 70 Weeks of Daniel
-Daniel's Timeline

What Sir Isaac Newton thought
-Yom Kippur 2015

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