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In 2007, I was introduced to a fabulous product and opportunity.  That product contained an amazing potentcy of Super Oxide Disumutase (a powerful antioxidant enzyme known as "SOD") which helped reverse a wide variety of physical maladies.  It was exciting to be able to share that product with so many people who experienced positive and often very dramatic results.  Then, in 2013, the company's founder died and the opportunity evaporated as the business shut down.  The next two years I spent with another health company with terrific products, but it wasn't the right fit for me.  I love their clean, green healthy foods, but it didn't fill the unique product void left by my former company.  

Fast forward to Fall 2015.  A new friend I had met at Bible study, mentioned he was in a company that had a very exciting product.  We made a point to meet up later that week so I could learn more.  When he started telling me about the products, I was blown away!  It was everything that first product was but exponentially more powerful. Not only in effectiveness of product, but it afforded a powerful business opportunity, voted "Best Compensation Plan" by the DSA two years in a row!

I am telling you, if you know me and what opportunity I used to be with then you KNOW how amazing that was.  THIS product line and opportunity is EXCEEDINGLY MORE AMAZING!  Come with me and join Team XLR8 and rev up your body engine and income earning potential!  (If you want to know a little more, continue with "My Story" and then let's talk.)

To join, text me at 863-273-0145 to set up a three way call with some experts who can answer any questions you have and let's talk.  - Susan Geitner  

Animals are not subject to the placebo effect.  Meet Zamora, a 23 year old Arabian Horse who was given another chance at enjoying her golden years and Cassie a 10 yr old golden retriever with multiple issues: 

Check out Sheri's demonstration of the LifeVantage Compensation Plan voted "Best Compensation Plan" two years in a row by the Direct Sales Association (DSA).  If you're tired of the rat race, watch the video below and see how you can break free!

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